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Smart Weight Loss System

Weight Loss Testimonials - How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Exercising

The secret to getting the amazing weight loss results is coffee. Valentus SlimRoast Optimum Coffee or Optimum Cocoa stops hunger. You will no longer be hungry and you will eat less. Replace your Starbucks coffee with this and save money. You can literally stare at a box of donuts and not even crave it.  Crave less, eat less, save more! See how this has changed the lives of these people.
Weight Loss Results Before And After
From 158 lbs to 141 lbs, size 8 to size 4 and I feel amazing!!
Dream big, trust yourself && make it happen. If I can do it, so can YOU!! 😱☕👍🏻💜🤗
Andrew & Sydney
50 lbs down in 7 months!!!
Men Weight Loss Before And After
I am so thankful for the encouragement I’ve received! Making healthy choices impacts every area of your life!
230 lbs vs 194 lbs...
100 days transformation!!!!🤩☕️☕️☕️
Lost 25kg
Male Weight Loss Transformations
What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more? From 91Kg down to 78Kg just in 45 days!
Went from 217lbs to 192lbs in about 3 1/2 months.
After 5 months only. 
Lose Weight Easy With 
Weight Loss Coffee 
Just over a year!!!
I've used the following:
Trim, optimum coffee, 24/7 and Emulin C !! 
Airra Ellaine
 ☕️ Started drinkin it on June 22 that time  weighing 76.9kls and now gone down to 68kls 😊🥰🙌 lost almost 9kls since then.  No exercise, No crazy diet included but still giving an amazing result! ☕️☕️☕️
From 158 lbs on right to 135 on left. Took 4 months on Optimum coffee!! Love it! ❤️
How To Lose Weight Fast In 2 Weeks
My results with the coffee and Prevail Trim together for 2.5 weeks, i lost 12.4 pounds
In total i lost 33.6 pounds in 3 months.
And we continue with the coffee☕
Pls Don’t judge me of my weight since I am making this known by looking at this picture! I am embarrassed but I am making difference now that the SlimROAST Coffee is working. Who would known that 1 sip cup of coffee could lose weight. 
In less than 2 weeks 1/2, you can really see the difference!
This is really possible by just drinking one cup of coffee a day! No diet or exercise! Nothing is impossible if you believe.

My 18days slimroast Optimum Valentus coffee journey.. 8.8lbs gone 💁‍♀️ i was so skeptical at first but after drinking it,all my cravings are gone..I still got long way to go, but im getting there..Thanks to my dear friend for introducing it to me.. Feeling happy,lighter & energized.
Female Weight Loss Transformation Pictures
Spreading Hope 
Yesterday exactly 3months of my VALENTUS COFFEE JOURNEY, still i cant believe it, but its really true the MAGIC, the POWER of VALENTUS.. Thank U mam Kerrie Domingo.. God Bless Us🙏🙏🙏
From 65 kg down to 53 kg in just 2 months!!! Thank you valentus coffee 😊😊😊
☕️☕️Always remember a cup of coffee a day keeps the pounds away☕️☕️
How Much Weight To Drop A Dress Size
After 3 months of using the Optimum Slimroast Coffee coupled with exercise and diet, I have lost 8.4kgs and 8.5 cms. off my waistline and gone 2 dress sizes down.
The goal is not only to reach my ideal weight but also stay fit and healthy. Being a working mom of 2, I’ve struggled with sustaining a diet let alone finding the energy to do any form of exercise. This coffee has definitely changed all that.
I’m so looking forward to the day I reach my weight goal and I know that with this coffee, it’s definitely achievable! 💪🤗
Dropped down 2 dress sizes, got rid of my back pain, lost weight from 63kgs to 56kgs and still counting until i achieve my goal..I call this my perky coffee as it gives me more energy even when im traveling & suffering from jetlag this helps me get back to my routine paired with fitness and to top it all, NO more cravings so i eat healthier food. Amaze and happy with the result!😊( Between april-sept) i was on holidays but still managed to shed off few kilos. 😊please feel free to share to your page if you wish! ⭐️
I would like to share my amazing journey with Slim Roast Optimum.
It began on April 25,2019. I have lost 13lbs in almost 3mos! It’s not only the weighing scale in my bathroom that tells me I was losing weight, I could see the the physical changes for myself as I shed inches from my waistline. 

I have gone down from dress sizes 9-10 to 3-4, from size large to small. 
How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month
I’m only 5’3” ......
134.7lbs to 122 lbs..... from a size (Tight-fitting) 6 to a size 2/4.
LOVE LOVE LOVE my coffee!!
Never would I ever imagine that I will lose so much weight just by drinking a cup of coffee everyday ....I’ve tried INSANITY, T25, Zumba, going to the gym, military diet,and more, but nothing worked.... 

I’m so fortunate that I’ve found this coffee that changed my life much blessings🙏🏻☕️💎🤑🚗
In everything you do... consistency is the key 😘☕ 👌
don't stop... keep sipping..
How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Months Without Exercise
Who will not be amazed with this coffee...😍
Look at my 2 months Journey😊
No diet, no exercise, eating whatever food i want👏👏 No need to starve myself😀
I really didn’t expect that in the span of 2 months so much changes will happened😍😍
Just be Consistent and Enjoy the Journey☺️☺️💪💪
7 weeks journey with my coffee.. From 176lbs down to 158.4lbs.. 👍 Just trust the process and be consistent.. I am not there yet ,but I am closer than I was yesterday.. Always remember, it is a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up.. 🖤
I love my coffee this is awesome results from slimroast coffee. I don't eat as much can't even eat what I used to its a great feeling 21 pounds gone and so many inches...
Lose 30 Pounds In 5 Months
Tomorrow hits 5 months since I’ve had my first cup 🙌🏼✨✨ Forever grateful for my magic coffee and being part of a great team 
30lbs down and counting 🥳🥳
My valentus journey is so amazing,from 70kilos to 53 kilos.Wearing the same tshirt and short. Actually the before picture was taken April 5 but i started to drink the coffee May 10.
Expensive coffee? Think again ,it's your health and your future your paying for. How much do you think you will spend when you get diagnosed with chronic illness? Do the math🤔 Invest on your health 🤸‍♀️. Good vibes to all 😘
40 Pound Weight Loss Before And After
Well, it has been a year since I started the Optimum Coffee and I did not hit my 50lb goal . . . but let me tell you what I have done this year. I have gone from 3X to XL, down a size in jeans, sleeping 6 &7 hours at night. Another one of my accomplishments has been to go from pushing myself to walk 2000 steps to now averaging 6000 steps easily. Now that school is out for the summer I have joined the indoor and outdoor pool to work off more inches.
Yes, I'm disappointed that the scale wasn't a minus 50, but that box does not measure my success.
My goal for the summer is to be walking 12000 steps, down another size and yes for the scale to say minus 50. I'm not where I want to be, but closer than I was.
My 8 months Transformation....
For me to wear 👙 and show the world 🌎 it not easy at all.But I have learn to be proud of myself,what I has Accomplished and to be Confident with my own body.
Looking back at my old pictures.Never thought I would come this far with my weight loss journey.
I lost total 40 pounds with my Magic coffee ☕️ and keeping it off.

From size 14/12 (182bls) now I’m down to size 6 (138lbs) now. It PRICELESS 🙏🙏🙏
I want to Inspire All woman and man around the around the world who is Overweight to have HOPE again. If I Can Do It...YOU can DO it too!
I Am Capable and I am Possible ...
Become part of UNSTOPPABLE team!
Julie this I way out of my comfort zone to post a pic like this in my bikini 👙 😱
I am still not at my goal weight but I am 45 pounds down and well on my way thanks to my slimroast ☕️ and other products I offer.
This company, the friends I have made, and the support that I have gotten has helped me feel more confident 🙌🏻 and I have learned to love my body for all that she is💕.
I want to encourage you to do the same.
Love your curves, love your imperfections, your scars, and stretch marks.
They represent all of the struggles your body has endured with you. Love yourself and your body will begin to transform along with your mind to reflect your true authentic self. 🤩
40 Pound Weight Loss
After 2 weight loss 💉 surgeries, too many gym 👟🏋️‍♀️ memberships and expensive 💸 diets 🥗 to even count... I finally found my miracle 🙏 in a little cup of ☕️ coffee.... a sip of success 🙌 every morning ☕️ almost 50 pounds released. Thank you
Valentus ❤️❤️❤️ 
Best coffee ever!! 165lbs down to 120lbs 😁😁☕️☕️
Jane Paula
3 months down more to go.... thank you for this amazing transformation valentus coffee from 100 kg to 81 kilos real quick 🤪😘
Be Stronger Than Your Excuse. 💪
50 Pound Weight Loss!
50 pounds gone, wow!! Drinking coffee!
From 190lbs to 146lbs! Valentus Coffee + diet + workout 💪🏼❤️
July 2019 - Oct. 2019
Lost 40lb in 5 months 😱😱
How To Lose 50 Pounds - 
50 Pound Weight Loss Before And After
Over the last 7 years the Journey has had its up and downs! The struggle was real... The last time was 2 1/2 years I fell on the Ice, had a bad break out of the skin psoriasis out of control... And look at me now I ABSOLUTELY feel the best I Ever Have... And loosing almost 60 lb and 50 inches is a added bonus!! Look out 57 we are going to take it to the Masses!! 
I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results of the SlimRoast Optimum Coffee. I am starting my summer vacation down 53 pounds. Thanks to my sister for introducing this awesome product. It truly was a game changer for me. 
Since I’ve been taking 24/7 carb pills it’s really helping shrink my waste line along optimum cocoa I’m almost into a size 6 and 163.8 pounds right now I’ve lost a total of 63 pounds so far was 226 at the beginning when I started the valentus program. 
How To Lose 100 Pounds - 90 Pound Weight Loss Before And After
OFFICIALLY LOST 100 POUNDS!!!!! How???? By drinking one cup of Optimum coffee every morning!! ☕️.  One day at a cup at a time!♥️☕️
Thank you Lord for placing this life changing company in our laps!! ....and thank you Lord for letting us share this help others!!!!

Thank you JESUS🌺💙💐💚💐❤💐💛💐💜🌺💙Look at Me I have been set Free🌺🌺🌺🌺❤Start Date❤💚7/25/18
❤To Present💚💜❤💙❤(5) Pants Sizes🌺🌺🌺(90) lbs🌺💐🌺💐🌺💐Glory Halleuigh🌺💐🌺Blessed🌺Grateful🌺Happy💐Healthy💐Rich💐Valentus I say Thank you from my Heart🌺💐💐I will continue to help Anyone I can so that they can win also.
The pic on the right is of me donating blood today, July 8, 2019, at the Red Cross Blood Bank. The pic on the left was also donating blood about 15 months ago. Down 76 lbs with SlimRoast Optimum Coffee. Thank you, John, for introducing me to this great, life-changing product! Valentus all the way! 
How To Lose 10kg In 3 Months Without Exercise
On my 6th week now, lost 15kgs with no exercise and strict diet. No more double chin, from XL to Medium size shirts and im feeling better than ever!! Loving this coffee ❤❤❤
The Best Coffee in the world.
Very effective 3 weeks drinking SlimRoast Coffee with Dynamine
● No Diet
● No Exercise
● No LBM
1 tub is good for 41days coffee.
No diet. No exercise. Just changed my morning coffee ☕
How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Or Dieting
This is it😍🥰🙏I more love it the new me🤪
2 tabs of Optimum & using my 3rd weeks of 24/7 Carb Burner. Feeling healthy, beautiful and sexy😜🙈
My Valentus journey that changed me is ❤️
I just want to share to all my families and friends that using Valentus is amazing🙏👌☕️ My varicose vain in my right leg is almost gone no more hurt feeling's in the morning, my body feel lighter, i not do any diet or training, I eat what ever i want and my stomach not bloated anymore🙌🏽. When you taking a Valentus products you need to be positive, be patient & believe on it☕️🥰🙏
This is the effect of 1 tub of VALENTUS with no exercise!.
96kilos down to 81 kilos.. 😊😊😊
From june 2019 to september 2019..!!!
Feel free to share.. Thanks everyone.. 😊😊😊
I couldn't find clearer pic because mostly I didnt like to take full body
My 9 months journey only a cup of our Optimum coffee a day
Only recently I add Optimum cocoa.
No diets, No exercise (only occasional dancing at home), No willpower needed
This is the Most Simple and Healthy way ever 🌟☕🏆🥇
I truly enjoy the journey!! 😍😍
Lose 10 Pounds!
My journey started on 7/14/19 and this is me now. This coffee is amazing!! I loved the results and I feel the big difference. Big thanks to this amazing coffee!!❤️
It’s not about how you look it’s about how you feel I’m so thankful for this coffee!!!
1. For giving me my self confidence back!
2. For giving me extra energy to keep up with my daily mommy duties!
3. For reducing my anxiety levels.
I started my optimum coffee journey in March of this year and reached 20lbs down this week! Since changing my brand I have dropped 3 pants sizes and my cholesterol dropped 120 points! Since I was 13 my cholesterol has always been talked about but I have never had to take meds.
So thankful for this amazing product that is changing lives daily!!!! ♥️♥️
Cheapest Way To Lose Weight
From Fatman to Fitman....
A big thanks to Valentus Coffee, my blood pressure, cholesterol, uric acid and A1c are now normal. No more medications...
It is the simplest and cheapest way to Lose Weight... Simply Amazing!
Just sharing after 2 tubs of I am on my 1st tub of cocoa.
Took Valentus coffee☕️for 2 months and lost 11 kilos🤩
Blood pressure is now NORMAL‼️
Weight Loss For Women
This coffee is a no brainer or not even a rocket science..all I did was to changed the brand of coffee to a healthier one💕💕. Same thing everyday one scoop of the magic bean coffee every morning and it helps me lose 17 kilos of weight in total since I started my healthy living journey. 

What I love about this coffee is that the energy it gives me is so amazing, it curbs my appetite for carbo, fatty, sweets food..i can still eat foods that i love without putting on weight , confidence to myself is amazing, i feel more healthier and lighter definitely 👙👙👙👌👌and I was able to help my family and friends to get the same benefits that I had with this amazing products... to all my friends out there it is not actually late l to start if you wish to be healthy.... STOP WISHING AND START DOING💕😉💕
**Feb 2019 to May 31, 2019
Now its my time to share my experience with the optimum coffee 😃
I started drinking the coffee back in the end of February and have been drinking 1 cup every morning since 😋
Today I cleaned out my closet and found some pants in the back. I really never thought I would wear them again, but today I thought I would give it a try.
Last time I wore them is more that two years ago, if not further back.
But today was magical, because I could slip into them without any problems 🤩
I have lost 13 kilos and a hell lot of centimeters 🙌🏼💃🏻💪🏽
The coffee is here to stay - it literally has saved my life 🙏🏼
Before the coffee I was heading towards numerous of health problems - but now I am moving towards a healthy life and body ❤️
It was not so long ago that I was diagnosed
with severe OsteoArthritis and was advised
by my Doctor Not to do any physical activity
unless I shed atleast 5Kgs off my weight.
No jog, No sports, No gym
and not even walk at the park.
How do you think I can shed those pounds off
without any exercise?! It really sounded so hopeless.
And so I did give SLIMROAST a chance to Help me.
Exactly 3 Months with the coffee today (10Sept2019),
Im marking my first day back in the gym as I have not only shed 5 Kgs off from my weight, but additional 2kgs less! 7Kgs Off, Without Exercise!!!
How could that be? Well, thanks to SLIMROAST! ☕
Weight Loss Before And After Men...
Two months and 1 week of Valentus Coffee☕
Slowly but surely of losing weight⏲
No exercise.No extreme diet.Just a cup of valentus coffee before breakfast a day😋
Change your coffee and see the difference❗❗❗
“Not all ❌ are bad, sometimes ❌ are good when drinking VALENTUS.”
Before Valentus After Valentus
Chubby ✅ ❌
Round face ✅ ❌
Beer Belly ✅ ❌
Extent Tummy ✅ ❌
XXL size ✅ ❌
High Cholesterol ✅ ❌
Lost 14kls in 45 days and feel great.
Here's my weightloss journey using Valentus SlimRoast coffee.
April - lost 4.70 kilos
May - lost +5.30 kilos
June - lost + 2.20 kilos (achieved target weight)
July - lost +1.60 kilos
August - lost +1 kilo
September - maintaining 59 kilos
The coffee works. I am a product of the product. Drink it to believe it.

No special diet. No exercise. 
Lose Ten Pounds
In less than 2 months , you can really see the difference with and without Valentus SlimRoast Optimum Coffee, 62kg down to 55kg. I started to drink this amazing coffee on September 17, 2019. I was skeptical to use this at first because I tried a lot of different diets but nothing worked. I am also went to the gym 3 times a week before I injured my knee last July and stopped going. 
Then I found this coffee suggested by a friend Maricar Nueva from Qatar, now I am drinking this coffee without exercise and still working.
My moon face to mango shape face. I love this coffee 🥰
Started using the Valentus Coffee with Dynamine September 13,2019 I still got the powerful effects and Awesome results.
Bitter Coffee for Better Life
My name is Mary from Busia County Western Kenya. I was introduced to Slimroast Optimum Coffee by Vitalis Ogemah in January 2019, but started using it in March 2019. 

This was because l did not like my weight and size. When I used the product I liked it instantly because of how it suppressed my appetite and gave me extra energy. I have now used it for 3 months and lost 15 kg. 

But additionally I had the problem of high blood pressure which has significantly improved to normal currently, even doctor is amazed and surprised! I am so happy of these results and very grateful to Valentus for slimroast optimum.
Weight Loss Stories Before And After Pictures
From Fat to Fab😊♥
Thank you Valentus Coffee☕
Truly Amazing! From 60.5kgs with 34 waistline last May 24,2019 down to 53.5kgs with 28 waistline today
my 4mos journey👍 Just a cup of Valentus coffee everyday.
NoDiet, NoExercise, NoLBM
Thankful & Grateful
My Valentus Optimum Dark roast coffee journey from August 15, 2019... 
132pounds to October 14,2019 118 pounds... Thank you.
I started on the Optimum Coffee February 2, 2019 after watching my friend Paula for almost a year post her success. I lose weight very slowly but the mental focus and alertness is what sold me. I'm not a coffee drinker so I downed it like a shot. Now I'm on the optimum cocoa and slowly losing on scale but the inches lost are just as important to me. I also love the 24/7. 15 lbs and 4 dress sizes. 
How To Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Months
My weight loss journey update June 26,2019 - September 16,2019 total weight loss 31 pounds. Thank you Valentus. The key to my health and wellness such a blessing!
Tal Kean and Vitru V-Kean
When I first joined this magic coffee business everyone was skeptical. Well I am so DARN happy it works!
I was 68 kilos before now 57 kilos for almost 2 month drinking valentus coffee ☕️ it’s amazing coffee ☕️
Female Weight Loss Transformation
Who would have thought that 1 cup of coffee a day could change ones whole perspective on life. I struggled with my weight the last two years and had a total lack of energy. I have dealt with hypothyroidism and Hypotension for years on top of everything else. In December 2018 I decided to try something different despite the fact that I hated coffee. Within days I had increased energy 🔥 and started shedding weight. I’m so excited to experience this process not only as a business woman but as a customer who tried something new for the better! 32 lbs down and I have never felt better!!
I was feeling a little discouraged. I’m seeing all these amazing results, but MY scale wasn’t moving. A part of me was feeling smaller & I could feel the difference in my clothes, but the numbers didn’t drop much. Then, I put these pictures side by side. My scale read 9 lbs heavier on the left mid April. Picture on the right is from September. I guess it’s true what they say, don’t trust the number on the scale. I’m in shock just looking at the difference. I’m extremely grateful for being introduced to this product. I cant wait to see how this is going to transform me into a better version of me in many aspects of my life. 🙏
Starting weight 182.8 in June
This morning I weighed in at 162.2 🙌
I have been drinking one cup of cocoa a day, recently started MORE Detox at bedtime!
I love these products!! I feel amazing, and love seeing these numbers on the scale!!
What Does 20 Pounds Of Weight Loss Look Like
I started on my journey with SlimRoast coffee two years ago. I lost weight and was starting to look good. Then I had the crazy idea to run for a political office in a statewide race. I got out of my healthy habits with our products and began eating poorly as I traveled the state. The picture on the left was me at a candidate event during the 2018 campaign.
I started back this year getting into the habit of drinking our Optimum coffee. I've stayed consistent with it and the Max. I added the 24/7 a little over a month ago. The photo on the right was taken yesterday. I'm down a little over 20 pounds from the summer.
Happy International Coffee Day! This is what my coffee did to me -- helped me lose weight! 21 lbs. down so far, feeling energized and motivated everyday too. ❤
I started drinking this amazing coffee last June 19 and lost 9 kgs!!! Love this coffee!
How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks Without Exercise
After 2 weeks of drinking my favorite coffee...l lose 6 pounds !!!! Without diet!!!
I'm so happy I found you Valentus coffee 😍 more inches and more pounds to lose in a few months until I reach my weight goal !!! Yahoo!!!! Try it to believe it 🙋🤸🤸🤸
MY COFFEE TRANSFORMATION IN 2 WEEKS, from 148 lbs down to 142 lbs 😉
📍Can you tell the difference of 4 days result? Beside my smile? Lol
♥️Omg! After 4 days of taking the coffee, I feel great. 4.5lbs in 4 days and still counting down.
How To Lose Weight In 3 Weeks Without Dieting
Good bye 8 pounds in just 20 days!!!
Thank you Valentus Optimum Roast Coffee for this surprising weight loss result in less than a month.
Never tried any weight loss coffee before.
Just one cup a day and the pounds will slowly go away. ☕☕☕ 
Please feel free to share I just want to inspire others. 😊
Valentus coffee really works!!
The first photo was without Valentus and the second picture with Valentus. I started my journey last October 9, 2019 and look at the results?! I was really amazed with the biggest change in my life. From October 9 to October 28, 2019 only and it really amazes me. My secret? I dont take or undergo any serious diet, crash diet, keto diet or others, I still eat what I like. CONSISTENCY is just a key ❣️❣️😘🥰👌
How To Lose Weight In 5 Weeks With Weight Loss Coffee
😍Lose weight with a smile on your face😍
My 5th week of drinking the Valentus Optimum Darkroast Coffee! See the amazing and fabulous results! Thank you so much Valentus! I'm loving you more!
Sheila Ann
Amazing valentus
My Valentus Coffee journey. I never skip my meals😀still i eat 3x a day and having snack or desserts, this coffee is truly amazing
How To Lose Weight In 6 Weeks At Home
After 6 weeks of drinking my optimum coffee, from 56kgs down to 53kgs. It helps increase my energy and totally crushes my cravings.
I've been working out as part of my routine, all I did was to try and change my coffee and I still get to lose weight 😉
Give it a try too ☕️👌🏼
6 week journey. 17 pound weight loss . thank you so much Valentus cofee now started on my prevail 24/7 carb burner. june 26,2019- August 3,2019
July 18th (when I started) vs September 5th. 49 days and 17lbs lighter! Thankyou Valentus! You rock😍😍
No special diet. Just Intermittent Fasting. I don't eat brkfast, just lunch and dinner. By 6pm I am done eating. After 6pm, I just drink water until the nxt day and coffee, 30 minutes before my first meal.
2 Month Weight Loss Before And After
Finally able to lose some weight, have a few more lbs to reach my goal, thanks to Valentus coffee.
Feel Blessed with my Valentus Journey Result. I’ve lost total 7kg in total of 2 Months, 4kg in the 1st month, 3kg in the 2nd Month... From 75kg now down to 68kg (my weight 7yrs ago 😍).... Feel Lighter, Feel Young, Feel Begwapo. 😇❤️☕️👍
Its really amazing its my 6 weeks drinking valentus coffee.
How To Lose Weight In 2 Months Without Exercise
I started using Valentus slim roast coffee August 3, 2019 and I was 68 kilos💪💪💪😍😍 In 2 months time,I lost 7kilos and now I'm 61kilos😍😍 still more months to go to achieve my goal😍😍
NO special diets and NO exercise. I can fit back into my old clothes !

I'm sharing my journey to inspire others. It's worth a try, very effective..
Two months into my valentus journey... I’m so proud to have reached my weight goal in just 8 short weeks !!! Started at 67 kilos now down to 56 kilos... started July 31 2019 until oct 1 2019.... no diet and no exercise at all!!!
Just drinking 2 cups of coffee a day... one in the morning and one in the afternoon.... now that I have achieved what I want .. 

I will never stop drinking this amazing coffee .. for now just 1 cup a day, 3 times a week ... Thank you valentus coffee my drinks for life☕️❤️
My weight loss journey with Valentus Slim Roast Coffee. In just 2 months I am down 6 dress sizes ! I feel amazing and proud of myself. I highly recommend it👍

My blood pressure is definitely gone better from pre hypertension to normal,my blood sugar is awesome from higher than 128 (fasting), to lower than 100. I have more energy and can focus better on my daily task. 

This coffee is indeed a life changing experience.
If I can do it,you sure can do it too.You just have to try it and see how your life would change in no time with just a cup of coffee. 😀☕️
2 Month Weight Loss Transformation
I feel like I tried every type of diet and weight loss program in the market. What I love about Valentus is you don’t have to go on a diet! I’m all about food and I love to cook and bake it’s my passion but my weight got out of control. With my coffee I can finally get back on track. 16 lbs in 6 weeks. I am finally out of the obese range.
I started drinking Valentus slim roast last April 23 of this year. After 8 weeks and 6 sizes down, I lost 13lbs...From size 14, I’m back to size 8 again...I’m still a bit far from my goal, but I’m on my way there...😊 thank you DenKira DenzKhayla Poquita for introducing Valentus to me 😘 Hope I can inspire other moms who, like me, gained a lot of weight after giving birth & felt hopeless 🤗
NOTICE the Difference..???👍☕♥️☕👍
That is the reason WHY we KEEP sharing this Amazing products of VALENTUS to EVERYONE!
"It's not a diet,It's a lifestyle changing"..
from 156.9lbs,Im down now to 135lbs in just 2months and 6 days only.
✅NO diet and
✅NO exercise.
Lose Weight In 10 Weeks
Almost 2 1/2 months drinking my magic Coffee❤️🥰 The Picture on the right was taken in June 2019 and the one on the left was taken now in November 😊 
I've lost a little bit more than 6 kilos, but my cm around my waist, Arms, legs and so on have vanished in no time🔥👏🏻😍
I love this Coffee and am so thankful for it❤️
I feel much more confident about myself and not only has my Body changed but I feel a lot more healthier than I did before❤️💪🏻😃
So Thank you Magic Coffee☕️💋😃
🥰My 2months and 12 days of drinking Valentus Coffee.☕☕☕
See the amazing results!
👉☕Just a cup of Valentus Coffee everyday! Im loving the result.
First I was so intrigued with Valentus but I said to myself I will give a try, I’ve been trying so many WEIGHTLOSS PRODUCTS but non met my expectations!! Thanks Valentus for changing my life and giving me so much to offer and to touch lives as well.
👑Left side weigh November 12, 2019
👑right side from August 31,2019
Weight Loss Transformation In 3 Months
Started drinking Valentus Slimroast coffee ☕️ last July 17, 2019. Every morning I would monitor my weight and every pound I lose would put a smile on my face. After a week, I can already see results and that kept me going. 11 weeks of drinking coffee every morning, I lost a total of 10.5 kilos!!!
Thank you for this amazing coffee☕️👏🏻👏🏻
SHOCKED!!!!😲 May 2019 to July 2019 when I started this journey with Optimum Slim Roast!! Melted off 24lbs and 28 inches 🥳 AMAZING what changin your mornin Coffee + a yummy Keto Creamer can do!!!!☕️👍🥰
Mary Jane
I Lost 6.9 kg in 11 weeks of our Burnfatsfast Coffee ☕😍 without Dieting and Exercise.
I Already exceeded my pre-pregnancy weight and Now I am reaching soon my pre-wedding Weight 💕☕🥰 Thanks to Valentus ☕😇😊
How To Lose 10kg In 3 Months
In less than 3 months I can now post shameless photo! 😜
No diet, No exercise. You can achieve your desired weight and health by just changing the brand of your coffee! 😉 This is possible, just give it a try! 👌🏼
From 69.5kg down to 58.7kg ❤️❤️❤️
Long way to go but I’m getting there! 🙏🏻
25 Days drinking of this “Valentus SlimRoast Coffee” its really Magical, my body is lighter than I used to be. NO diets NO exercise.
My weight lost journey with my amazing coffee.No exercise and no diet.This coffee contributes in suppressing my cravings.I’m happy for the result just 1 cup of coffee ☕️ a day😉.Now I felt happier,healthier and my confidence has improve.Thank you for changing many peoples lives including me.Goodbye DOUBLE CHIN!!
3 Month Weight Loss Before And After
Thank you valentus ❤☕☕☕ now on my 12 weeks ,I'm happy for the results ☕☕☕☕
44 years old and a mother of 3! This is my 3 months journey of Valentus Slimroast Optimum Coffee.. My coffee for life ❤️ 
Mary Jane
My 3 months journey with V-coffee
4 Month Weight Loss Before And After
After 4mos of this amazing coffee... just one cup a day makes ur dream come true...
My First tub was in July 2019, with my starting weight at 130lbs. Left photo was sometime in mid August — Right photo was literally yesterday October 23 2019 weighing 118lbs ☕️
Who would have thought that sipping coffee everyday for just 4 months, will give me this result? No exercise, no strict dieting, just a cup a day!
4 Month Weight Loss Transformation
I'm just sharing my results after 4month drinking Valentus optimum coffee thank you very much, your simply the best🤗 Skinny me 🤗☕💪❤️ Proud to Be Part Of Valentus Family😍😘❤️💪 OptimiZe Your Life💪👊❤️ SimRoast Optimum 😉😍💪❤️
From Large to Extra small 70kilos to 54kg amazing 😳 thank you Valentus 
4months with Valentus☕☕☕
How To Lose 30 Pounds In 4 Months
The picture on the left is from September 26 2018 only a couple weeks after joining the gym I will say that 6 months later I still looked like that after going Monday thru Friday and busting my butt to lose weight. 

The picture on the right is from July 31st 2019 just less than 4 months on the coffee and my first day back at the gym after 4-5 months of not going. I went from 166 to 138 in less than 4 months! That is a 28 pound difference in less than 4 months! 

I am so grateful to my cousin for showing me this wonderful coffee and this wonderful company! I will be forever grateful.
Before Slimroast I weighed 70kg. I started in May 2019 and I am so impressed that im my 2 weeks I lost almost 2 kg, I thought it was a slow progress but then I carried on... I am on my 4th month with few weeks gaps in between months... I weighed 55.6kg to date.
i started drinking this coffee only this march 9,2019 and from a weight of 162 pounds.. now im down to 138.6 pounds in just more than 2 months of drinking this powerful slimroast coffee..i lost almost 25 pounds already.. this slimroast coffee is truly amazing.,
How To Lose Weight In 4 Months

Another weight loss update. For 2 months now, my scale hasn’t changed. Although I really want to see the numbers drop,I can’t help it if I’m gaining muscles as well. But though I hit weight loss plateau I am still losing inches all over my body and that’s basically what I’m after😀 so here it goes my 4 month Valentus result. No work out, just consistent coffee drinking every morning. And smarter health choices.
Total weight loss is 24lbs. 
Again, if you are getting frustrated because the scale isn’t moving, remember the product is more than just for weightloss. It helps us all inside and out. Consistency is the key. 😀
I thought this 65 yr old woman was a hopeless case until Valentus was introduced by Ian Kevin.
Left photo before Valentus I was 137 lbs size 8-10 (pants) and medium (top).
End of Jun 2019 started Valentus (SlimRoast- Optimum, Keto Creamer and AM/PM Carb Burner)
Mid Aug 2019 (middle photo) I only lost 4 lbs but went down to size 6-4 (pants) medium (top) and lower blood pressure
I ran out of AM/PM Carb Burner so Mel Lana advised me to take Prevail Breakthrough AM/PM Detox and Replenish Drink
Mid Sept 2019 (right photo) I lost 9 lbs and went down to size 2-1 (pants) small (top) and no longer constipated. That jean jacket I’m wearing is kids size!
I feel youngER confident happy energized and healthy!
Thank you for sharing this magic formula!
My 4 months now drinking 1 cup a day of the slimroast optimum. ☕️🙏 & a mother of 3 🧒
5 Month Weight Loss Before And After
Thanks for the valentus. Coffee is the best coffee I've ever had so far. Thanks to valentus. Amazing coffee is the best coffee I've ever had. 
Lilibeth 5 mo
Always complaining before why not losing weight. 
Did every diet like slimming tea, keto diet and intermittent diet but nothing works.

 Started the Valentus coffee, you can see the difference. Started drinking the magic coffee last June 2019 until October 2019
 My caffee challenge in 5 months 💪🏻
Only 1 caffee SlimRoast Optimum at day . 
6 Month Weight Loss Transformation
Valentus Optimum Dark Roast Coffee works! Can’t go back to the sugary and unhealthy 3n1! 6 months of drinking the coffee consistently. I’m so grateful for Valentus products!
PS: I’ve only started running 20mins (3-4x a week) this January 😅
From April 2019 to Sept. 2019
The coffee works!!! 33lbs down!!!
Hit a standstill on weight but inches still coming off.
Have started going to the gym but still need to improve on what I eat.
My Valentus journey😊been doing intermittent fasting, low carb diet plus gym sessions when i started my weightloss journey for a year then one friend introduced the slimroast coffee 6 months ago then it changed my life. 
I have more energy now at the gym and good mood as well since i started the coffee. what a life changer. One cup a day🤗55lbs down more to go.The coffee act as mood enhancer plus antioxidant as well😊
The best decision I ever made.
10 month weight loss
After Valentus!
First pic on left is before I started my journey with the coffee in December 2018. Middle picture was taken just 6 months after, and last picture was just taken today in September 2019! I'm completely beyond words on how far I've come and it's all thanks to this amazing coffee! 💜👊🏻💜👊🏻💜
OMG!!!!!! What a transformation. I can’t stop staring at these two pics of myself . First pic was in October 2018 to now July 2019.
Thank you Magic Coffee!!
Just one cup a day of SlimRoast Optimum Coffee.
I do not exercise & This Coffee has helped curb my appetite tremendously. I have so much energy these days and I’m so much happier. 
Weight Loss Transformation Women
After my third baby, it was a lot harder to “bounce back” but the most weight gain happened between 2014-2018. 
I decided I had enough. I dabbled in some other weight loss programs but really the most change in me came when I was introduced to Valentus Slim Roast Coffee. I am forever changed because of this and forever grateful. I am happy to say from May of 2019 to now, I am down 25 pounds and a whole lot of inches,

Everyone needs Valentus, it provides hope when you feel like there is none 💕
If you have given the choice over money or health what would you choose...HEALTH is everything, that is why I will be forever grateful to the company that created such an amazing products that helped a lot of individual to be healthy ang enjoy the life they wanted . I won't be tired of posting my before and after on this page because I know someone out there somehow I am able to help someone else life who is struggling to lose some weight and just want to be healthy for the rest of their lives💖💖
Just one cup a day of the coffee that's all it takes...simple isn't it🙂🙂🙂
Hi i have posted before but i would like to share not only the weight loss side of the coffee but how it gives energy. I don’t normally post these type of photos but as i am close to my goal weight and thought.. i might reach it or not?!🤭so better just do it. I hope this would motivate more who struggle to loose weight. I must say this coffee works for me! 

A combo of valentus +fitness=💪😉 FROM 63kgs down to 55kgs! Again it’s not the weighing scale that matters, its how you feel! Goodbye backpain plus I certainly feel stronger, more fit
How to lose 4 Kilos
Lost 6kgs (13lbs) in less than a month! No exercise and eats everything in moderation. Just taking 1cup a day of the slim roast optimum.
Thanks to my friend who introduced me to Valentus Coffee.
I used to be 58 kg and I’m now 54kg.
One month using coffee.
64 kilos down to 60 kilos
Before And After Weight Loss Men
Hello Everyone, sharing with you my valentus journey,tomorrow will mark the two in a half months of drinking our slimroast dynamine coffee. From being frustrated of losing weight to where i am now💪🏼😊 Being Healthy is not an Option it should be a must☕️🏋🏻‍♀️
Thank You Valentus for the amazing product👏🏻👏🏻
Who could have imagined just a simple process of drinking one cup of coffee a day over the course of 60 days, could have made this massive transformation even when I have not incorporated exercising and my normal healthy eating lifestyle into the routine. 
So thankful to have been introduced to Valentus SlimRoast coffee. I feel like my old self is reappearing, becoming fit and more lively every day.
This was me the last week of May 2019 at my son’s Disney World trip and the second photo is me with just one month using Valentus Slimroast coffee and Prevail 24/7 carb burner. I have lost over 30 lbs and 4” in my waist. These products are incredible!! Start your journey now!
Before And After Weight Loss Stories
Don't Judge Valentus Coffee by its PRICE.
Judge it by the RESULTS. Believe me, it's worth TRYING and SURELY you will LOVE IT!
This is the results of consistent drinking Valentus Slimroast COFFEE. Its good to be FIT & FAB.
Four months apart!
My coffee transformation☕ ~
Getting healthier and fitter everyday!
I'm addicted to intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet and looking forward for OMAD...
All possible because of my optimum roast coffee.thank you VALENTUS😘
After 8kids could not believe I can still look like this😊
Weight Loss Transformation Men...
Sometimes it’s hard to stay disciplined specially when it comes to your diet. I’m not in the best shape nor did I meet my goal yet but I can spot the difference. 
I started drinking ValentusCoffee and it sure made it a lot easier to get back in shape. If you’re ready to try it out let me know. You will never know until you try it. Stay healthy my friends!
2 months and 2 weeks! I am loving the result! If you are a fence sitter I guess you should think again and drink our SlimRoast Coffee. It’s not gonna get you anywhere just by staring at our testimonial pics!
This is my dad. A month ago he was hospitalized due to high blood pressure and heart problems. So I gave him this coffee to help him with his diet and here he is now 3 weeks after.
His BP went back to normal and he feels way better than ever.
He drinks the Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine. Truly, this coffee works. We’re so amazed!
Weight Loss Transformation Female
Everyday is getting better! ❤️ Thank you to this magic coffee, it helped me gain back my confidence and keep my energy up to do more! 🥰
Couldn't be happier and be more thankful to Our V fam and to our awesome products!!! Looking better and earning more too!!!🥰🥰🥰
3n1 Coffee Versus Valentus Coffee😍
It still amazed me of how our amazing coffee changes me!
Happy Mom here❣️🙋🏼‍♀️
Fat Loss For Men
I was the Heaviest I had ever been in my Life 285lbs😲! I saw the picture on the left & said to myself I have to do something to get my Health & eating back under control! 😩. Thankfully some dear Friends of mine turned me onto some amazing Products!! I can’t even believe the the Incredible Results that I have been able to get! Consistency is The Key!! 🤫
📌 WOW..look at this list of benefits!! PLUS down 62 pounds 🥳
Kent‎ to Best Weight Loss Coffee Today
💥Before Coffee & With Coffee💥
💥Crushes Cravings
💥Increased Energy level
💥Metabolize Fat to Energy
💥Improves Mood & Focus
💥Supports Blood Sugar regulation
💥Boosts Circulation & Oxygen Delivery
😱42” Waist to 34” Skinny Jeans
😱285lbs to 225lbs
😱60lbs Weight loss & 32” Body Mass Loss
🔥Recent Physical, All Blood readings (Normal)
🔥58 Years old, Feeling like 25 again!!
Just wanted to share my experience and result. Valentus Slim Roast Coffee Optimum is the best product I have ever tried. 3 weeks ago I started taking this coffee in the morning before going to work and then I decided to use it for my pre-work out after work. For almost a month now and have found a great increase in my workout capacity, as well as my recovery. About 10 minutes after drinking Velentus coffee I could feel the sensations in the beginning. What I really like is that it gets me amped up without making me jittery not like any other pre-workout product. And the focus is intense. I get sweaty really fast even people at the gym asked "What got into to you today?" 😂 and after work out I go home not hungry and I just drink a lot of water. This product really helps me reach my weight goals. 

Anyways, photo on the left was from last year without coffee and weighed 186lbs and last Sunday July 21st (photo on the right) I weigh 167.4lbs. 3 weeks after drinking 1 cup of coffee a day. Thank you Valentus coffee ☕️
Over a month ago, a fellow bisaya friend introduced this slimming coffee (Valentus Slimroast) that I had no idea about. I was skeptical. I wanted to check on testimonials first before taking it into consideration. Two weeks after, I tried it myself. The first sip was extremely unlikely and I was trying to hold myself up not to throw up. First few minutes, dizziness was evident. I thought the coffee was pretty bad that I should take my money back 😂.
The coffee mainly supresses your cravings and it’s a huge aid when you’re doing intermittent fasting. It helps a lot!

Today, I am now at 75kgs. Yes! I am posting such not because I am trying to be a braggart asshole but it helps extending awareness to those who really want to lose weight. It’s an overwhelming feeling that aside from your progress, you see your friends having theirs too.
Weight Loss Journey Stories
Last March 2018, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), one of the symptoms is weight gain. But during that time when I visited an OB gyne, I just weigh around 48kg because I have other diseases that cause me to lose weight.
My obgyne prescribed me to take pills to regulate my menstrual period and one of the side effect is gaining weight. And in one year, i gain again 10kg and it affects my self confidence. Also, last June this year, I have my FBS and lipid profile checked, my bad cholesterol
is above normal and my body is already too slow to burn sugar. If I will not do something about it maybe at 30s I will be diagnosed with diabetes.
I tried slimming capsule and juice, but nothing works. Until my friend Julie introduces me to the slimming coffee which really made her lose weight in just a week. I was skeptical at first because I thought I will spend again another peso for the product that will take no effect, but she convinced me with the result and I take the risk. (Pikit mata na lang sa presyo 😂)
Its really worth it. I started drinking the coffee last August 10 and as of Aug. 20 I already lose 2.30kg.
I’m sharing my own photo because I want to show all of you that its really effective and I want to help anyone who also struggle in losing those unwanted fats.
My journey with my weight loss has been rewarding. I can truly say I have gone a long way. (The right photo👇was taken from 2 years ago; 4 months after I had my 3rd son. The left photo was taken a couple of days ago). Now, I’m proud to say that I’m finally under my pre-pregnancy weight. Like I said in my first testimonial 3 months ago, I have started with extensive workouts and a really strict diet at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I shed numerous lbs but when my body plateaued I could no longer loose more weight, so I decided to start on our #SlimRoastOptimum. Thank you!

This coffee was such a blessing. It helped me shed more weights and not only that, I didn’t have to do any extensive workouts like I did at the beginning nor be on a really strict diet. Taking care of three boys and having a full time job as a nurse, gym and workout was now my least priority. I can truly say they had busy moms in mind when they created this coffee! 💕❤️💕Today, I have lost a total of 17.5lbs with SRO and counting! I feel great! I have more energy and most of all I got ME back and more! 
From 137 lbs down to 123 lbs for just 5 weeks without sweating on the gym coz I guess having 2 jobs is more than the exercise I needed... it’s like back my 10 years weight before.

 I was so hesitant to try at first coz really a ☕️ coffee could change me ... ok it takes me a week to think and took the 6 days challenge at first ...and geezzz that 6 days I feel lighter and omg lost 4 lbs without any effort .. just adding a ☕️ on my daily morning routine .. esp using my low cholesterol almond milk mixed with my ☕️ weeew Taste is superb...

 I have to stop taking my cholesterol pills too coz the last time I visited my dr. she says all my lab result are ok. I haven’t even have headache or should I say migraine which I usually have esp summer here because of the heat .

 Then when I saw the result on me that’s the time I have a confidence to share my experience with people surround me coz they themselves saw the transformation on me
Weight Loss Pictures Before And After
I was 200+ pounds... start drinking the coffee since mid July 2019 ,working out and watch my intake I’m at 173 now. I’m still currently using the coffee and trying to lose another 10 pounds. I’m healthier and more confident lol.
8 months... 50 lbs gone!! Low carb diet, valentus products (mostly slimroast optimum, 24/7 carb burn, trim and detoxes) and exercise!!!
 Back in 2014 when I thought I was ok with my weight.
May 2019 when I first tried the Slim Roast Optimum until now and in the many months to come.
With Valentus, you’d bring back your confidence and self esteem.
Try now and you will thank me later.
Fat Loss Transformation Male
Hi Everyone🤩
I also want to share my amazing journey with the Slimroast Optimum Coffee ☕ I've been drinking the coffee for the last 4 weeks now and I have lost 5 kg and lost nearly 10 cm around my stomach 💪🏼 I love this coffee❤️
I'm getting so happy when I read all the good stories and your experiences with these amazing products 😍😍
📍Hello guys!! Just want to share this to you all. After being depressed and sickly this past year impart because of my huge weight gain
I've decided to change my lifestyle for good.
📍With the help of my family,friends and my partner in life. Now I exercise regularly, quit smoking, I haven't had alcohol for months and not overly eating. I've tried different diet regimen and products and nothing work until my friends introduced me to valentus optimum.. one cup of coffee a day and boom after over 2months of drinking it I've lost 45lbs!!
📍But I'm not done yet.. this is just the beginning.. in total of 6moths i will lose 75lbs..thank you for believing and supporting me on this process!! (March 27,2019 I'm 240lbs)
Some people say “you don’t need to drink the coffee, coz you’re already skinny” but that’s because they did not see me when I was still chubby 😊
Now look at that!!! Even I myself was amazed of how much older I looked when I was a little chubby 😱 This shows that our coffee is for everyone and not just for the heavy ones 😍
Real people...Real results...see what a cup of our magic coffee a day can do ☕️ I am a product of the product and I and not afraid to show it loud and proud 🔥
Fat Loss For Women
I was scrolling tru older pictures of myself I never notice how much weight I had gained and how unhappy I looked . I knew deep down inside I needed to do something about it, Ive tried dieting, walking,and tread milling with little or no results. Finally a friend Introduced me to Valentus at first I was just Skeptical so I never really took it seriously but when I saw her again after a few months I was super shocked! She lost a lot of weight then I realized It was time to give it a try. Once per day I was drinking Valentus I noticed changes in my body and weight sure enough in five weeks I lose 12 Lbs. 

Only by believing in this product. I make it a habit to drink 1 cup a day. I want to show to the world that our Product is not just a product but a product with a purpose, to help everyone gain back their health, body and confidence with a smile.😃💙💪☕️ 
As a graduated nutrition student; Controlled Diet with Adequate exercise is the common sharing to my friends who want to lose weight badly. Never in my life would ever want to join in the weight loss journey without exercise & change of diet plan!
After I met Aaron, he introduced me to this great Magic coffee!

No Exercise Completely - No Change of Diet - Just A Coffee a Day....

Size from Extra Large to Large and Now Medium
I cant wait to see how this is going to transform me into a better version of me in many aspects of my life.
I’m extremely grateful for being introduced to this weight loss coffee. 🙏 I am so blessed.
In Dec of 2018, I was at the heaviest I have ever been, 149lbs and a size 10. I met a sweet lady and her husband at a Christmas Expo. They introduced me to the SlimRoast Optimum coffee that will help you lose weight and get healthy. 

I have to admit I was a little skeptical but, I decided to buy the 6 day experience and had lost 6lbs in that week!! I was amazed! 

Fast forward, August 2019, I am proud to say that I’m at a size 4, 123lbs!!! I have not felt so good in my own skin in a very long time. I was even uncomfortable changing in front of my husband, whom I have been married to for 21 years! I wanted and needed the change! It has also given me the energy and motivation to stay healthy. This coffee is a life changer for me! ❤️☕️❤️☕️❤️☕️
Weight Loss Coffee
From May 2019 to Dec 2019.
A 30 lb difference!
One cup of coffee a day since September 2019!
Loving Valentus products 💜
July 23, 2019 to
October 15, 2019
I have lost 20 pounds in total since drinking the coffee. I also go to the gym regularly. Used to wear a size large in leggings but switched to size medium since they were constantly falling down. I never really noticed a difference since I see myself everyday but seeing side by side photos, I now see a physical difference. Still trying to get rid of some tummy 🙃
Leng Leng
My 3months of Valentus Optimum dark roast coffee journey.. this magic coffee change me a lot,not just my body but gives me more confidence and energy.. just 1 cup of coffee a day, melts my fats away.. slowly but surely..
Best Weight Loss Coffee Drink
I’m excited to share with you all my valentus journey for 3 weeks,no special diet no exercise.just a cup of my special coffee a you can see the date of my before picture and I started my valentus coffee October 18..thank you valentus for changing my life.feel free to share☕️☕️☕️☕️
Mary Lou
Coffee transformation! 

Younger and healthier!
My valentus journey..☕️☕️💃💃👏👏💥🔥❤️
before i used to be 71.5 kgs..then on june 9,2019 my nieces introduces me to try this slimroast optimum first i was reluctant to try ..but anyway from then on i started my recent weight now is pants from size 34 down to blouses from size 14 down to 12 and happy with the result...👏👏💃💃☕️☕️☕️💪💪☄️💥❤️❤️
Weight Loss Coffee Diet
Super happy with our new 24/7 Carb Burner!!😃🔥 In just over a month it has helped me lose those last extra pounds and sleep better !
The Optimum and 24/7 combo is the powerhouse for weightloss !!💪
Thank you Valentus!❤️
You really can't see the difference in yourself ... until you post it side-by-side!
A cup a day 😍 makes you feel A👌Ok!☕❤
Even though I started drinking optimum slimroast last year, I was fascinated by how different I look. I’ve lost over 28Ibs and over 15” in one year!
Weight Loss Success Stories 2019
The Magic is Real!!
There are very few things in life that feel better then celebrating your friend’s victories.... and today we celebrate my dear friend Roger Whittle! This guy is a no fuss, straight shooter and finally found something that works for him! I could not be more excited for you! ❤️💪90lbs. GONE! Thank you for giving it a shot... what all started with a cup of coffee!
One Cup a Day, This is my 28 days journey! No exercise!
Fat Loss Transformation Female
I have a very personal story with a magic coffee ☕
I became a co-owner in a restaurant/bar 11 years ago.  
I'd never worked on this industry before and threw myself into making the restaurant a the expense of my health 😳
After 8 years of drinking too much alcohol and eating pizza at 3:00 am, I found myself obese and broken. I had NEVER experienced that much pain in my physical body before 😭
I hit a wall. I did not recognize myself in the mirror 🙈 I had to make a drastic change. Then, after being a skeptic for a year, I finally tried this wellness coffee ☕ my friend had been telling me about. Game-changer!
Fast forward 3.5 years of drinking this magic coffee ☕ I've lost 65 pounds, shrunk over 2 clothing sizes and got my sexy back 💋 I no longer have inflamed joints and sore feet. I can cross my legs again! My entire body, from head to toe, has experienced amazing health benefits.. So to be feeling this good is simply incredible 💥

My amazing weight loss journey with Valentus Optimum Coffee .
A month ago I gave this coffee a try, and to date, I lost 18.5 lbs. and 18 inches in just 26 days of drinking this amazing coffee! NO SPECIAL DIET,NO EXERCISE at all!!! 

I amazingly lose those extra pounds just by replacing my brand of coffee into Valentus Optimum and it only cost me $72.00 (36 cups) 😱 way cheaper than the amount of money I spent over the years with different ways and slimming products I took just to lose some pounds off. 

My blood pressure is definitely gone better from pre hypertension to normal,my blood sugar is awesome from higher than 128 (fasting), to lower than 100. I have more energy and can focus better on my daily task. 

This coffee is indeed a life changing experience.
If I can do it,you sure can do it too.You just have to try it and see how your life would change in no time with just a cup of coffee. 😀☕️
7kgs down in 12 weeks on just Slim Roast Optimum Coffee ☕️, Ket Creamer and Prevail Immune. No alterations of diet or exercise.
Now incorporated Dr Joseph Ahrens NEW Product, 24/7 Carb Burner and from 30yrs experience in the fitness industry, owning our own facility, I’m excited for the benefits of 24/7.

📍Carb Burner
📍Carb Blocker
📍Mood enhancer
📍More Energy
📍Improved Sleep
📍Muscle Tone
📍Cellulite improvement
📍Fat Tissue Dispenser in your sleep

I can see where my body as a 53 yr old woman needs toning. So the next month to 3 month period will be interesting to monitor.
Will keep you posted of my noticeable results. 
Weight Loss After Baby (4 Babies!!!)
Sometimes, it’s the hardest thing just to get out and shop for a pair of pants by myself. 4 little kiddos just isn’t conducive to using the dressing room. 

I’ve resigned myself to doing a lot of clothing shopping either online or just grabbing clothes from the tables in Walmart with the knowledge that if it doesn’t fit when I get home I’ll have to bring it back and switch it. 

Magic coffee has changed my clothing world! Literally in that I’m down from an XL top to S-M and size 12-14 to 4! But the best part is, when I opened that package in the mail and tried on these pants...they fit! Size 4, no muffin top, no laying down to button them, and no shipping back to exchange! 

And this fancy Walmart shirt? Don’t have to take it back for a bigger size either! 

Y’all. I haven’t been in the 130’s ever in my teenage or adult years. Ever. I feel great, I have energy to get things done (even without sleeping the past two nights) and I’m healthy again! Big things from where I was a year ago!
Fat Loss Before And After
Hii there I lost 5 kilo in 1 month drinking the optimum coffee
Love the extra energy 💖💖💖
Jan Leslie
My weight loss journey with Valentus SlimRoast Optimum Coffee for two months!
Monty & Tracy 
My wife is looking so amazing!! She told me last night she has lost 30 lbs since starting on the slim roast coffee and Emulin C in June of this year!! First photo is anniversary trip this month.. second photo is March of this year..Such amazing products! I am so proud of her! We are on an incredible life changing journey with this business and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else!!
You can choose to be healthy.
PCOS problem is not easy especially for gaining weight . I am one of those who suffer PCOS.
increased risk of developing:
*type 2 diabetes – a lifelong condition that causes a person's blood sugar level to become too high
*depression and mood swings – because the symptoms of PCOS can affect your confidence and self-esteem
*high blood pressure and high cholesterol – which can lead to heart disease and stroke
*sleep apnoea – overweight women may also develop sleep apnoea, a condition that causes interrupted breathing during sleep.
I loss weight , no more sweets , and yes this SlimRoast coffee help me to crush my cravings. Make me healthy and pretty 😊 and can help to boost my confidence 👏👏👏 

amazing SlimRoast Coffee 💯☕️👏🏻
I don’t where to begin....😊😘
It’s not about losing weight but it’s the transformation. My name is Jane and I am 56 years old. Sometimes in August 2019 I was introduced to Slimroast Optimum Coffee. My journey started when a trip to my doctor and I was told I need to do something about my weight or alternatively to be on diabetic tablets ☹️...

This Magic Coffee has changed my life - literally CHANGED!!!!

I am yo-yo dieter and have tried all the world class best form of diet.. Nothing works sadly!!
Since drinking the magic coffee everything in me transformed. I am a menopausal woman where everything slows down. I am slowly and surely getting there. It is not easy for me to post my photos but I feel I have to and share my journey with you😘

Good luck everyone and Thank you Valentus Coffee, I am forever grateful 😘😘😘
Before I started drinking the coffee I felt like I was stuck. Stuck at a weight that I couldn't shift no matter how hard I tried!
I had no time for the gym since I had a 2 year old and a 3 month old. When I did have time I just didnt have the energy or motivation!!
I tried dieting but I just felt so hungry all the time and youd often find me with the biggest chocolate bar I could find dipped straight in to the nutella jar!
It just wasnt working for me!
I was stuck like this for months. Self conscious, refusing to take photos or be in photos even with my girls and usually sporting a waist trainer just to disguise the fact I was bigger since having kids.
BUT I was introduced to V in august and since then the lbs have been dropping off!
I've felt lighter on my feet, less hungry which meant less snacking and smaller portions!
I went from 11.7st to 9st from using our optimum coffee and hot chocolate!
No diet!
No exercise!
Just 1 hot drink a day!
Since I've stopped drinking the drinks I've noticed my portion sizes are still smaller and because my stomach is smaller I'm not rummaging through the cupboards for biscuits and chocolate all the time!
Plus when I dont snack all day neither do my kids, so double win!! 😂😂
So so so impressed with these products!
I'll never be without them now ❤️
I was able to loose 18KG for almost 3 months by taking the right amount of calories everyday and by the help of this coffee . From 124KG (June24, 2019) to 106KG (Sept 14, 2019).
How do I manage not to eat Rice, Bread, Cakes, Doughnuts, Drink artificial Juices, Softdrinks and Sugary foods and drinks?
VALENTUS COFFEE contribute in suppressing my cravings specially sugary foods & drinks. Sugar is the most crucial content of the food that cause weight gain. This coffee is not just for weight loss. It is also beneficial in terms of flushing all the toxins in your body.
I still have a long way to go in order to reach my ideal body weight but one thing for sure, by the help of Discipline and VALENTUS COFFEE, this will contribute in achieving my goal on time! 😀
I was motivated to start this jourmey because I want to start my married life healthier. For me this is not just a diet, its a lifestyle change!
I would like to share my amazing journey with Slim Roast Optimum.
It began on April 25,2019 and I have lost 16lbs! It’s not only the weighing scale in my bathroom that tells me I was losing weight, I could see the the physical changes for myself as I shed inches from my waistline. I have gone down from dress sizes 9-10 to 3-4, from size large to extra small.
It has done more than help me lose weight. My liver enzymes had been at high levels for the past year and despite several tests and an ultrasound done, the doctor was unable to determine the cause of my elevated enzymes.
July 2019, I had a follow up with my Internist. To his amazement, my liver enzymes were now within normal range. He asked me what I had been doing these past months and I told him about the coffee.
I am optimistic in my general health and well being. All because of only one cup a day of the optimum coffee.😁😁😁
Thank you so much!😘😘😘
I lost pounds and gained so much confidence!
💯Family & Friends💯
Just a short 3 years ago this month!🤭 I was the Heaviest I had ever been in my Life 285lbs😲! I saw the picture on the left & said to myself I have to do something to get my Health & eating back under control! 😩. Thankfully some dear Friends of mine (Mike & Teresa)turned me onto some amazing Products!! I can’t even believe the the Incredible Results that I have been able to get! Consistency is The Key!! 🤫
🔥Increase In Energy Level!
🔥Improves Mood & Focus!
🔥Crushes Cravings!
🔥Boosts Circulation & Oxygen Delivery
🔥Down over 60lbs in Weight!
🔥34” Skinny Jeans from 42” Jeans 😩
🔥Stamina & Energy Level increase
🔥Feeling like 25 again!! (58)
🔥Enjoy going to Gym Again 
MY NAME IS MARICEL AND THIS IS MY SLIMROAST OPTIMUM Cocoa TESTIMONY. I have tried so many diets. Some worked & some didn’t work. Other diets: It wasn’t for me, pricey & i just had a weak mind (l❤️ food) Over the 12 years I’ve been packing on weight due to pregnancies, depression, just being around other people who ❤️ to eat, boredom eating, ate just to stay up @ work. The only time I actually lost weight was after a ❤️Break or hiking. 😂 no joke! Anyway, after I gave birth to my last child, and I went on keto which it helped me stay healthy, I didn’t lose weight, it made me depressed because the NUMBERS on the SCALE DIDN’T GO DOWN MORE THAN 5lbs but I didn’t gain more than I started. I wanted results fast. I even tried keto&IF as well. It helped but, not as much as I wanted it. So, I came across 2 companies. One of it was VALENTUS SLIMROAST. I seen testimonies and I wanted to try it but, COFFEE AND CAFFEINE makes me have anxiety, ♥️ palpitations, panic attacks, nausea and headaches. I turned to the other company. Which was HERBALIFE another company with good success stories too. Man, those shakes were pretty good tho and the teas as well. I actually did see results. Few weeks in, my tummy started turning and I would have allergies. Now, before going on it I KNEW IT HAD DAIRY and I’m lactose intolerant, crazy right? I kept going until I told myself I needed to stop cause my body just couldnt handle (HERBALIFE WAS NOT FOR ME, ALTHOUGH IT SHOULDN’T STOP ANYONE NEW FROM TRYING THEIR PRODUCTS.) So, then I gave up dieting. I still kept my eyes on the coffee. Researching it and you know I been trying a lot of diets, so I said why not give the coffee a try. My distributor told me there is cocoa, it does the same and it has less caffeine. I WAS SOLD! To cut it short. ALL I NEEDED TO DO WAS DRINK COCOA ONCE A DAY, I DIDN’T HAVE TO EXERCISE OR EVEN CHANGE MY DIET, NOT EVEN 1 WEEK, ALL I CRAVE IS HEALTHY FOODS INSTEAD OF CRAVING SWEETS AND CARBS, SUPPRESS MY APPETITE, I HAVE ENERGY, IM MORE FOCUS AND ALERT, I HAD NO HEADACHES, JITTERS, I EVEN NOTICE I DIDN’T HAVE THE CRASH, I WOULD FEEL TIRED AT THE END OF THE DAY And that’s cause it’s time for sleep/bed! I notice I don’t have anxieties as much as I did. My post nasal and acid reflux is gone. I don’t even have backaches and ankle pain. I’m more happier now, Some people notice that too. There’s so much more to this product. I don’t care about the numbers going down now it’s the inches and how this product makes me feel! I’m down 17lbs in a month, now result may vary on other person! Just one cup a day you got nothing to lose but just WEIGHT AND INCHES. 
I’m here to say that the way you feel matters a lot more than the way you look. If you look good but you are not honouring yourself, you will feel depleted.
You can be slightly overweight, and feel AMAZING. It’s all about where you feel confident and your best.
I was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. I’ve struggled with it for as long as I can remember. I have been an overweight kid and dealt with extra weight my whole life. These products make me feel alive again. Like I can go a day without needing to eat sugar and stuff. I feel satisfied. I feel FOCUSED AND ENERGIZED. With ADHD, you can feel like you have no energy and like a lost dog. These products help me make ADHD my super power, instead of my weakness. It allows me to tap into WHAT MY BODY WANTS! Instead of mindlessly giving into sugar addiction habits.
The products made me lose weight at the beginning but it became an Unhealthy obsession. I lost 100 pounds in one year while using the products along with exercise and changed diet. When I hit a weight where I no longer could lose anymore, I realized I still wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror. That is when my self love journey began. I may have gained weight since then but I am more confident and healthy feeling that I have ever been. Cheers to this company and these amazing products - for I never would have had the opportunity to realize that happiness is not determined by my size without this company. They give me the opportunity to feel absolutely amazing daily and I get to focus on FUNCTION over FORM!!!!
Thanks everyone for joining this group and joining the revolution within Valentus. HEALTH AT EVERY SIZE. 🔥❤️🌸🤩🥳
So here’s my latest update after 10 weeks of drinking optimum cocoa.
From 53.9kg to 49kg
From BF 27.2% to BF 20.1%
No more post-baby belly & now i’m back at my ideal weight.
I don’t exercise regularly yet I don’t easily get tired. My main exercise is carrying my baby around the house which helps to tone my arms😊😅😂. The cocoa gives me enough energy to last me thru the day👍🏻
I love everything that this optimum cocoa is giving me and it tastes great too!😋😍
Update on my weight loss journey 😉😊😘
My story is common to women going through menopause stage.... Weight gain that comes out of nowhere, and never leaves. 🙁😩
I am 60, living and loving the best of my health in years!
High Blood Pressure, Sciatica and Arthritis pains, Oxygen issues, weight gain for over 10 yrs, NO Energy which left me demotivated ... on and on and on!

Today... prescription strength reduced, weight loss 10+kilos, 3 sizes smaller, blood pressure improving, balanced energy, !!!

I’m feeling great! It’s safe to say Velentus Slimroast Optimum is no joke. The results are real and it works! I was very sceptical before trying the product but I am glad I did. No diet and no crazy gym routine, just one simple cup of coffee per day.

This is a very exciting day for me! I am praying that every day I will continue to share this blessing and help others to realize there is HOPE! 😇❤️☕️
SLIMROAST coffee makes me PREGGY 😉 thank you LORD for this instrument 😇
Based on my own experienced well this coffee is extremely good coffee . So proud of who I am today .This coffee give me HOPE for 6yrs of being marriage , 5yrs gf/bf all in all 11yrs we know each other.
But as a couple we desire and pray for baby. And one day my husband He order online through the link of Ms. Kwai thanks dai for introducing this coffee .
My husband said to me "hey tambol I have suprised for you" and that's the SLIMROAST coffee.
I start to drink the coffee month of December 2018. And look at the picture of mine it's a huge difference After 4months by drinking SLIMROAST coffee I lose 10kilos from 69kilos down to 59kilos. No other food supplement just the coffee and I used also the breakthrough 12days cleasing and detoxifying .It help me a lots.
And now praise GOD I'm 9weeks pregnant after all the pain I encountered last year May 22,2018 how painful when my left ovary is gone, suffering with PCOS infertility and my OB told me my fallobian tube has damaged. And the only option we have is to undergo with IVF.
But what I can do nothing but to trust and have faith in GOD. How amazing and wonderful that GOD answered our prayers. Thank you Lord for this miracle baby. You blessed me more than I deserved. Thank you. 
I love sharing transformation pictures, but MAN is it hard to post my own! 😬😬😬
*deep breath*
It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling with my health in a major way for the past couple of years, but these past six months have been especially hard!
For the most part, I’ve eaten pretty healthily since getting into the health/wellness game seven years ago. Sure, I’ve allowed treats and cheats, but I exercised regularly and didn’t eat processed foods. Probably 80% of what I ate was “clean”.
Well, it doesn’t matter how much you exercise or how clean you eat if your body can’t process those foods due to allergies or sensitivities. On top of the autoimmune crap I struggle with, I have been sick, depressed, always feeling like I could fall asleep at any moment, suffering from headaches and migraines,...the list goes on and on. But the worst part was how swollen I was. My stomach, my legs, my face... The pain was so bad, many nights I silently cried myself to sleep. No one should suffer like that.
I’m happy to share that through eliminating some foods, the inflammation seems to have lessened! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Now my body is finally starting to respond to the Magic Coffee again!
I’ve said goodbye to the constant pain, bloating, irritability, and exhaustion...
Of course it’s not all sunshine and rainbows (yet) and I know this is just the first step of my journey back to wellness, but I’m so glad to have this coffee along for the ride! I’m not having crazy cravings anymore (especially helpful during an elimination diet), I’m more focused and attentive (which I’m sure my job and family appreciate), and I see that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! ⚪️
This time last year I was 198 pounds. I was trying to gain 2 pounds because I thought if I saw 200 on the scale it would motivate me to try, yet again, to lose weight. Why did I think gaining weight would help me lose weight... 🙄. I was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My triglycerides were 632(they are suppose to be around 100 or less). 
Thank you for not giving up on my stubborn resistance. I absolutely didn’t think it would work. But I was wrong. Thank you for sharing these products, they have changed my life and I have never felt better.
Words cannot describe how much HAPPIER and CONFIDENT I am now. Throughout my life I have struggled with different DIETS, and convincing myself to EXERCISE.. Thank GOD 🙏 I was introduced to another way! It has been the EASIEST way, and the most EFFECTIVE! 👍 
This coffee has CHANGED my life! Someone gave me a sample a month before my WEDDING, and trying it was the BEST decision I ever made! Everyone was SHOCKED at my TRANSFORMATION both on the inside and out ❤
My journey with Valentus SlimRoast Optimum so far..
Left Pic: July 29, 2019 - 155 lbs
Right Pic: October 20, 2019 - 142 lbs
Left: Before giving birth
Right: 1 year later
YES, I’M SO SO BELOW MY PRE-PREGNANCY WEIGHT! I gained 22kgs in the course of my pregnancy, had gestational hypertension, and undergone E-CS on Christmas Day last year!
Now that I’m seeing my throwback photo, I didn’t realize that I was really huge last year 🤣🤣🤣😭
I feel so good and my skin is better since I started trimming down!❤️
My V-coffee has helped me in my weightloss management. I can’t believe even til’ now that I’m healthier and with amazing lab results!
It’s a good thing I gave Valentus Optimum Dark Roast Coffee a try! It’s so worth it! The product totally changed our lives!
My husband lost 8kgs! Whoahhh!

Valentus Optimum SlimRoastCoffee Journey!❤️❤️❤️Months Postpartum!

After I gave birth to a 25 weeker, 2 pounder baby, I gained weight. Being a mom is a 24/7 job, plus with 12 yr old daughter drop off and pick up from school every day. No pose/No rest, No helper only by myself (husband is working far from us). 

This Pictures of mine showed there’s amazing results in this coffee ☕️😘 (Valentus SlimRoastCoffee) from 133lbs down to 125lbs in 2 months. I called this coffee “Amazing Coffee”. Not only to lose weight but there’s more health benefits that you can get on this coffee. My day won’t be able to complete without drinking this amazing coffee.

No Diet and No Exercise!. . It really energized me throughout the day.. 👏❤️☕️🥰
So before I started drinking the optimum I was exhausted and felt awful all of the time. It didn't matter what I tried I couldn't lose weight. I even went to my doctor to have my blood work done because I knew I had to have something going on with my thyroid or something. After all of my labs came back normal I knew I had to do something. 

I saw my friend posting about this wonderful coffee that and figured it was worth a shot. A little over 2 months later and I am down 21 pounds and feel so much better. I have the energy to keep up with my 2 little ones and I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight for the first time in 6 years! This has changed my life in so many ways.